Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi, Everyone!

This is my first blog where I will share my passion and enthusiasm for crocheting!  I've been crocheting for over 20 years.  It is SOOOO MUCH FUN!!  Really!  "A day without crocheting is like a day without sunshine!"

Here I will share photos of blankets I've made, and we can discuss yarns and crochet patterns.  I hope you will enjoy reading and using this blog as much as I enjoy creating it!


  1. Hi Ann, I can speak to your crocheting abilities. My grandsons each have a beautiful blanket made by you!

  2. Love the blog Ann. Can't say I'm not much of a crocheter but it looks good.

  3. Great job on the blog! Appreciate your crocheting talent too. My mother-in-law is a crocheting fool. Everyone in my family has their own afghan. Love them!