Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Stripes

Holiday Stripes Blanket

This is a fun blanket to make and give as a Christmas Gift.  Doesn't it remind you of Ribbon Candy?  This year I made this blanket to give to my cousin.

You can make this blanket.  Free pattern instructions are at Coats & Clark at

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Joining Squares

Making granny squares is quick work, but joining them can be time consuming. 
Correct placement of different color squares is very important to the larger color scheme of the blanket.  Often squares are joined with ''right sides facing."  So the work is done looking at the wrong sides, which is not so pretty.  But once all the work is done, and a finishing edging is added, the blanket looks quite nice, and the project was worth all the time and effort.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hip to Be Square

Granny Squares

These are four basic granny squares.  Ahh, the lowly granny square.  But NO!  The squares are very versatile!  There are soooo many possible color combinations and, yes, even pattern variations.

The basic granny square is actually worked in "rounds," and not rows.  It is very easy to make.  The "how-to" links at the top of the page will direct you to instructions on how to make one.  The basic square uses double crochet and chain stitches, with a couple of slip stitches to join the rounds.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Nature is my main source of inspiration.  I love seeing the different colors as the seasons change.  Spring and Fall have such vibrant colors.  Flowers are especially beautiful.

Ripple Patterns

Ripple patterns are fun to make the top point is made by increasing the stitches and the bottom point is made by decreasing the stitches.

The blankets are quick to make because they are in one piece.  The ripple is subtle if only one color is used.

The ripple is more dramatic if 2 or more colors are used.

Crochet Is NOT Knitting

Everyone knows what knitting is:

Knitted Fabric (stockinette stitch)

Crocheted Fabric (shell stitches made of double crochet and chain stitches)

However, when you say CROCHET people may give you a questioning look.  You can read their mind: "What's that?"

Knitting uses 2 or 3 needles and yarn.  Crochet uses a hook and yarn.
Both use strands of yarn to create a textured fabric.
Often crochet produces a heavier or bulkier fabric.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi, Everyone!

This is my first blog where I will share my passion and enthusiasm for crocheting!  I've been crocheting for over 20 years.  It is SOOOO MUCH FUN!!  Really!  "A day without crocheting is like a day without sunshine!"

Here I will share photos of blankets I've made, and we can discuss yarns and crochet patterns.  I hope you will enjoy reading and using this blog as much as I enjoy creating it!